The Writers' Life Academy


Feeling stuck in your business building as a freelance writer? Concerned that you're not reaching your business or personal goals - and that the consequences for that will negatively impact your finances, health or relationships? Eager to move forward - but not sure where to start? 

Lora Freeman Williams knows that not everyone is ready to jump into an on-going coaching relationship and that it's important to see if you're a good fit to work together. This offer gives you a chance to experience coaching, see if the dynamics are what you are looking for, and test the waters before commitment.

Coaching sessions do NOT have a sales element. The session is all about you and the agenda you set. If, at the end of that session, you would like to talk about the range of services available through Lora, you can schedule a separate time to talk about your needs, your resources and what she offers.

Contact our staff at or call at 720-256-6502 for more information.



Lora Freeman Williams is the founder of The Writers' Life Academy, and she is also The Writers' Life Coach ( 

If you'd like to try out coaching, she's got a special introductory package of three coaching sessions for $175. It's a significant discount from her normal fee and is available only through The Writers' Life Academy. 

Contact her at The Writers' Life Academy at 720-256-6502 or at to schedule your sessions.