The Writers' Life Academy


Lora Freeman Williams has her degree in English/Communications and has been writing professionally since 1987, with experience in PR, marketing, technical writing, blogging, website development, ghost writing and her own memoir, The Wilderness of Motherhood. 

Lora is a also a life coach who works with writers, entrepreneurs and students on their business and life goals. She is certified through The Coach Training Alliance in coaching; as a mediator through The Center for Conflict Resolution (Chicago); has extensive sales, marketing and communications training through Sandler Sales Training (Loveland, CO). She started her first business in 2001.

She received in-depth, life-changing coaching from her mentor (Karen Todd, entrepreneur extraordinaire) on how to be relational and effective in her sales and marketing, how to identify beliefs that were holding her back from success, and how to overcome those beliefs and move effectively into a successful future.  

Lora combines her coaching training, her mediation training and skills, and her many years of business experience to help others reach their fullest personal and organizational potential. 


For more than 20 years, Heather Z. Hutchins has been a writer and editor. In that time, she has written, ghostwritten and edited 10 books as well as numerous articles, white papers, case studies and blog entries.

In-between times, Heather has taught middle school, high school and college-level English classes. When not teaching, she has worked as a technical writer for Domino's Pizza, Allstate and Cisco. She has also spent 10 years as a freelance writer running her own business.

Currently, Heather is working on a mystery novel based on her calamitous adventures working in a telemarketing center - those annoying people who call during the dinner hour and ask you to contribute to breast cancer, the state police and other charities.


Valerie's background is a diverse one, blending her passions for holistic and natural healing with her love for being part of a team committed to bringing those services to others. Having grown up in the mid-west, Valerie found it wasn't until she moved to Boulder almost a decade ago that she was able to finally put words to something she felt in her heart for so long. She knew there had to be alternative choices to health besides surgery and prescription medication. In the last 10 years, she has immersed herself in learning about those choices. She is an accredited Journey Practitioner as well as a Reiki Master, and she is also the founder of Flow, a weekly meditation and movement group. Serving others' evolution through emotional clearing, meditation and energy work, she has supported thousands on their healing journey. Her gifts honor the whole person, and she is known for her welcoming embrace for all to explore their transformation. 

In her free time, Valerie immerses herself in the Colorado lifestyle. She is an enthusiast for backpacking, hiking and kayaking in the warm months and cross country skiing and snuggling by the fire with her husband during the winter.

"It is our birthright to vibrant health and to live life to the fullest it is meant to be lived!"


We are accepting resumes, but more importantly, we'd like to have a conversation or two to see if we're a good fit to work together. We're looking for the right attitude, experience that will be useful to our students and your proven love of teaching. A sense of humor is also helpful. Interested? Contact us at for more information.