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What one thing is stopping you from the success you desire in your business, your writing and your life? What stops you from overcoming it? A coach can help you quickly identify where you're getting hung-up, how to deal with it effectively, and to reach your goals in record time.

A coach has the business and life experience to understand the challenges to the writing life, one's writing career and business goals. She also carefully assesses each client's strengths, challenges and motivators to assist the client in rising above the challenges and moving powerfully toward the goals. We offer a free 30-minute coaching session to determine if we're a good fit for your business and writing needs.

We work with high school and college students to help them research their topics, determine their writing strategies, refine their use of language, and edit for grammar, formatting and spelling. We can also help advocate with their teachers/professors to determine what the grading criteria are and how a student may improve performance. 

We provide this service both locally (in Boulder) and via Skype/email.

We have many instructors with areas of expertise in the craft of writing; the business of marketing, pricing, customer relations, networking and all the varied aspects of your writing business; and the "soft-skills" of keeping the creative juices going, day-in and day-out. Interested in finding out about our library of existing courses, our periodic live webinars or hosting an instructor in your community? Contact us to set up a free evaluation for your needs. 

Does your business need writing training for employees? Call us today to find out if we've got a trainer in your area who can come in and make your business communications and marketing more effective.

Group Dynamics Assessment and Consulting
Do you work with others and find that your own work goes well, but the group dynamics are a challenge? Do you wish your organization had the productivity and smooth operations that made your workplace financially successful - and pleasant?

Our coaches and trainers make an excellent team to evaluate the source of the problems, provide constructive and practical tools and strategies to address the problems and move your team to greater success.