The Writers' Life Academy

The Writers' Life Academy


This educational, lifestyle and business resource came out of The Freelance Writers' Connection Group on LinkedIn. That group was started in 2008 by Lora Freeman Williams. Lora is continually on the quest to draw together talented people and share their gifts, and in that context she has pulled together writers, freelancers/entrepreneurs, and coaches into The Writers' Life Academy


Lora is a freelance writer herself who also coaches writers on their businesses and lifestyle. She is passionate about "passing it forward" - the resources that mentors, teachers and friends have shared with her. Writers' Life Academy came out of  her personal values of making educational and creative inspiration available to as many people as possible.

Her website for her coaching work is: and her website for her memoir is 

She lives in beautiful Boulder, Colorado (USA) with her husband and son. 


Our instructors all have life and business experience in what they teach here, and they are excellent teachers. They are eager to provide great information to make other people's work and lives happier and richer. 

Each of our instructors has a business of her own. The teachers in our school are available as coaches, editors, writers, teachers and consultants for fees that they set. If you would like to contact any of our instructors to find out more about their services, please contact us at to request more information.